New prints 2018.

Digital prints on Alu-Dibond, dimensions 40x60cm, as seen in my exhibitions.
Each print limited to ten copies. Costs 180€ each, excl. shipping and taxes.


Urban Photo Race Rotterdam 2017: 1st place theme "Metropolitian People"

Once again i joined an "Urban Photo Race" Event, this time in the city of Rotterdam. Six themes, 12 hours, more than 200 participants - it was a real to challenge to deliver 18 photographs and to stand out of the crowd. So that's why i am very proud to have won the 1st place with my interpretation of 'Metropolitan people'.

Exhibition: Street Photography Euskirchen

New York City, Tokyo, London, Paris, Istanbul - Street Photography has became a phenomenon around the world in the big places. But is it possible in a mid-sized town, too? Three colleagues and myself were invited to prove that even outside the mega-cities shooting on the street provides exciting photographs.

You can visit the exhibition "Das ist hier! Street Photography Cologne" until end of August at the Stadtmuseum Euskirchen near Cologne, Germany.

Colorful nights.

Seeking colors while walking through the night like a stray dog.


The 4th series of my trip to Amsterdam in summer 2016. The theme "High" forced me to look up from the vibrating city into the sky and clouds. The city's building began to shrink and appeared to be smaller and smaller.



En route.

Series 3 from my Amsterdam trip in June 2016. Trying to catch the stress and boredom of being on the way to wherever in the city that is crowded by thousands of pedestrians, bicycles, trams and cars. 

"ARE-BURE-BOKE" in Color

Japanese photography has inspired me since i came in touch with the black-and-white high contrast work of Daido Moriyama. Based of his rough, blurry and out-of-focus style i started to shoot empty places in the shopping center of Cologne by night. But in contrast to the japanese masters i stay with color. Here are my first photographs from this beginning series.